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I find sometimes I just have to remind myself that it is necessary to Take A Break from Business And Just Laugh! With that in mind, I would like to share this great video that always makes me laugh! Enjoy!

Facebook Advertising Secrets For Free!


Facebook Advertising SecretsI have spent the last year watching so many self proclaimed experts who claim to have “Facebook Advertising Secrets” that will get you results. Perhaps you have seen the flood of these online courses and ebooks too?

For many of these, you will simply hand over your hard earned money only to realize once you are done with the course that there really is no magic Facebook Advertising Secrets. Instead, you find yourself being taught common sense advertising techniques that are not actually facebook advertising secrets, but instead simple ad copy ideas that have seen past results for others.

If advertising on Facebook was so darn hard that everyone required costly “how to” courses on Facebook Advertising Secrets then Facebooks advertising would be a huge failure for the average person to be able to get results from their advertising.

Facebook advertising provides a very good system that walks you through setting up and ad. And has so many bells and whistles available for you that you can pin point target your audience with your offer.

So let’s get real here. what can you benefit from learning the most? It really has nothing to do with “Facebook Advertising Secrets” and much more to do with “advertising secrets” in general.

Facebook Advertising Without The Secrets!And now let’s just take away the word “secrets”. Now you are left with the word “advertising”. After all, Notice the image on the left that says “Advertise on Facebook”. What you should learn and work towards improving is writing quality ad copy. This is the key to real Facebook Advertising Secrets.


I Don't like Facebook Advertising SecretsOk, so let’s look at a little reality check here. Google Facebook Advertising Secrets and you will find google reporting (at the time I wrote this post) “About 172,000,000 results (0.19 seconds)” Yes, you read that number right! Why so many? Because everyone wants a piece of your money to show you how to make a Facebook ad. Ok, so not all 172 million pages but still, there is a lot out there! Yup – I Don’t Like This!

So take my advice on this. It really is very simple…

Simply learn more about writing great ad copy. There are plenty of resources available on the internet that you can find. (Again by simply using Google). And guess what? You will have the real Facebook Advertising Secrets” for FREE!

To Your Success!

– Allen Nile


Income Blog? - Top Blogging Income?


Income Blog - Top Blogging Income

Ever wonder if it’s possible to actually have an income blog? What is the way to top blogging income?

It does not matter if you are an expert on the internet or someone who is totally new, to make income from a blog and receiving top blogging income is the question many will pursue and most of the time most people will simply fail at this and only spend their time with wasted time from blogging.

This post is meant to show anyone exactly how to have a real income blog with top blogging income.

First and foremost, the answer to these questions are really not hard at all. And best of all, not at tall hard to implement. YOU can indeed be making top blogging income and without major effort.

By applying simple daily blogging in right way, you can start to see some good income very fast. So how is this all done? What is the magic method for having a real true income blog? It’s simple and easy… It’s called the Empower Network.

By blogging on the empower network you can start to see real results fast. In fact, I personally recommend my companies own distributors to become members of this fine blogging system that will help them to achieve success faster just by blogging.

Why does an Empower Network account make for a serious income blog? A couple reasons:

Empower Network provides an easy way to get your blog posts actually seen and ranking higher on search engines and you can receive income from others that read your blog posts who also join the network.

Can blogging alone provide you with an income? Yes it can. At least by using the techniques of blogging with an income blog on the empower network it really can be your ticket to top blogging income!

Now I know that you are thinking that you have heard reduculious claims before of having an income blog and just blogging a few times a week will do it. I am here to tell you that you CAN DO THIS!

No matter what you want to achieve; top blogging income from just writing powerful articles, recruiting others into the empower network opportunity, or perhaps promoting another business you have… This can work for you!

NOTE: Also see another great article about how to “Blog For Income – Easy Steps To Money From Blogging

Have you ever actually made money from a real income blog? Are you already making top blogging income?

– Allen Nile

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